We nearly retired from the Google Play Store

This was started as a project to have fun with. Over the years the character of feedback we received in the Play Store changed significantly. Compared to the number of non constructive and sometimes even insulting comments the fraction of people really contributing to the source code was quite negligible. We decided to leave Play Store in favor of F-Droid, because we cannot continue to invest all that time in answering comments and helping users while getting only a limited amount of constructive feedback. Due to the remarkable amount of positive feedback from our loyal users we still provide updates via Play Store.


We are just preparing a documentation and status info website for the Blitzortung Lightning Monitor app.

If you like to contribute by

  • reporting a bug
  • improving code or
  • improving localization

please have a look at the projects:

Any contribution is welcome!

This site is still work in progress, please expect more to come soon!