Main Screen

Main screen #

Elements #

Top left – Legend #

  • Show time range for color coded strike activity age used on map

  • Additional information

    • Grid baseline e. g. “Grid: 10km”
    • Region
      • Europe, North America, Asia, …
      • Local, for limited local area
      • Not given for Global data
    • Count threshold setting
      • Not displayed for inactive threshold
      • E. g. “# > 5” for a threshold of 5
      • Only raster areas with strike counts greater or equalt to the threshold are displayed
  • Tap for quick settings:

Top right – Menu / History #

realtime history
  • Open menu (on devices without menu button)
  • Browser through history
    • Time step can be changed in the settings.
    • Can be used to browse through the last 24 hours of ligthning activity.

Bottom left – Alarm radar #

active inactive
  • Shows activity by distance for the current location
  • Requires
    • lightning data
    • known location
    • realtime mode
  • Tap to center map around location
  • Long press to open bigger version of Alarm radar

Bottom right – Histogram #

  • Shows the development of strike rate over the given time period (for the data region)
  • Tap to zoom out on region

Preferences #

Open Detailed App settings

Alarms #

Open the alarm radar:

Color coding of last strike activity is shown according to the legend information.

Application log #

Show dialog with internal app application log. Can be used for immediate debugging. Creates an Email to send in the application log to get help.

Change log #

Show dialog containing recent app features by version number

Information #

Show a dialog with app related information.

Map usage #


  • Double tap to zoom in
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Slide to move
  • Long press to select location for manual location mode